Wildlife Trapping & Exclusion

What is that noise? Hearing noises in your attic or walls is an unsettling situation for most. You know it’s an animal but have no idea what it is or how many there are.  All you know is you want it out of your house as quickly as possible. It’s time to bring in a wildlife removal company. The type of animal, location in your home and number of entry and exit points are all just the beginning when evicting uninvited wildlife from your home. 

Unfortunately, these animals oftentimes cause additional issues that are much more hidden. Things such as damage to your wiring or ductwork, or areas that need to be sanitized. These are all important safety pieces to resolve. We take all this into consideration when we create a tailor-made solution for your home or business. 

We pride ourselves on excellent communication. Our exclusion plan will be clearly communicated with you and any questions answered. It is important for us, but even more so for yourself, to fully understand what will be done at your home or business prior to any trapping or repairs getting started.  After our free inspection, we can give you a clear picture of what the situation looks like and the best path to correct the issue for good.

Outdoor Wildlife Removal

 Just because wildlife is outside does not always mean it’s welcome. Animals like moles as well as voles and other burrowing rodents can make a mess of your manicured lawn in no time. Did you know chipmunks, groundhogs, skunks, armadillos and even raccoons will tear up your lawn in search of food?
Professional trapping or removal solutions are necessary to fully resolve the issue. Getting rid of the current critters does not mean that you will not have the same issues in the future. These burrowing animals leave underground paths that other nuisance wildlife is bound to find and take over themselves. That is why having a wildlife management plan in place is extremely important to keep these animals gone for good.   

Wildlife Removal Services

Not all wildlife requires multiple trapping sessions. What if there is a snake in your home and you really just want him to go? We do that too! We will trap your unwanted visitor and relocate them to an area far from your home!

Once we have the nuisance gone, we will do a free inspection. There is no obligation to do any additional work, however, it is important you know how they got in to begin with. Sometimes it could be as simple as through an open door, but other times it could show a bigger issue, such as tracking a food source or an entry point you were unaware of. We will walk you through our findings so you know exactly what you are dealing with and you can decide the best plan to avoid another uninvited guest in the future.