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HomeFree Wildlife and Pest Solutions exists to protect families, homes and businesses. Being privately owned and operated, we can provide high end custom style solutions at wholesale pricing. At HomeFree, we don't operate with a mass production mentality nor will you deal with high-pressure sales tactics. Experience the difference and see the savings that we have to offer.

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Common Nuisance Wildlife in N GA and Metro Atlanta

Homes and businesses throughout North Georgia and Metro Atlanta are commonly plagued by nuisance wildlife, both on the interior and surrounding property. Rats, Mice, Grey Squirrel, Flying Squirrel, Raccoon, Opossum and bats are notorious for making your home or business their home. Moles, Voles, Chipmunks, Beaver, Armadillo, Fox and even Coyote are common disruptive species outside. Don’t let nuisance wildlife threaten your home or business, CONTACT US TODAY!!

The HomeFree Philosophy

We recognize that every wildlife and pest control issue is as unique as the people affected by it. Taking the time to provide a clear and concise explanation of what needs to be done, why it needs to be done and exactly what we’re going to do to fix it is our standard. We’re here to help in every way possible. Check out our blog for DIY tips, information regarding common issues found in North Georgia and Metro Atlanta homes and businesses as well as previous real world experiences.

Services Offered

We offer an assortment of tailor made solutions for your nuisance wildlife and pest control needs. With the services listed below, we can customize a plan that meets your specific needs. CONTACT US TODAY for your free, thorough evaluation of your home or business.


Wildlife Management

  • Wildlife trapping services
  • Wildlife removal services
  • Entry point repair/prevention
  • Population management
  • Customized service plans
  • Guaranteed results

Free Inspection

Insect Management

  • Common pest services
  • Specialized pest services
  • Integrated pest management
  • Green service lines available
  • Customized service plans
  • Guaranteed results

Free Inspection

Quality Gutter Protection

  • No more gutter cleaning
  • No more clogged gutters
  • Extends life of your gutters
  • Improves property aesthetics
  • Reduces pest harborage
  • Reduce liability

Free Inspection

Wildlife Clean-up & Sanitation

  • Insulation replacement
  • Dropping removal
  • Sanitize space
  • Deodorize space
  • Animal nest removal
  • Ectoparasite treatment

Did You Know?

Georgia is home to plenty of species of wildlife and pest. Generally none are wanted in your home, but snakes have the worst reputation. However, in Georgia only 6 of the 41 species are venomous. Spiders are a close second in the unwanted intruder department, but only 2 located in North Georgia are poisonous. Lastly mosquitoes, although annoying, rarely cause any harm to people.

60 Mosquito Types in GA
38 Spider types in GA
6 Venomous Snakes in GA
41 Species of Snake in GA

Where We Service

Proudly serving Metro Atlanta, Woodstock and everything in between.

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