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“I had some little critters running through my attic. Brad came out and assessed the issue. He did a very thorough walk through and came up with a very fair price to trap and to seal the open places around my attic. He explained everything that would be done so that I could understand the process. I could not have asked for someone more professional. Everytime he was scheduled to be at my house, he was always prompt and dependable. I highly recommend HomeFree!”

“First time to use HomeAdvisor and HomeFree Services. Brad Peeler was punctual, informative, worked with MY schedule (although he was busy with other jobs), courteous, non-invasive and thorough. He explained the pest problem I was experiencing at my home, outlined the steps (with alternative solutions), timeframe to get the work done and cost for the services. He was in/out very quickly. At present all signs show his services to be successful. I would gladly recommend Brad Peeler to anyone with problems like I had.”

“Brad was quick to respond, attentive and professional. He delivered the service he promised and I’m thrilled that my home now appears to be rodent free. I ended up hiring HomeFree Wildlife for ongoing regular maintenance since I live beside a wooded area. It seems to be a good value for precautionary measures to deter possible future intrusions.”

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“Superbly, quick response, on time, knowledgeable, thorough and very friendly.” – Bill S. 

“Very professional and personable. Rapidly took care of my hornet and wasp issue which was quite extensive.” -Linda S. 

“Its been great, I have worked with Brad for 15 years already, excellent work every-time, superb service, great follow up and great customer service, he would surely comes back if you will have any issues with his work, he is very professional, and very fair pricing.” -Mary Ellen S. 

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“I live in the woods of North Georgia where these pesky gray tree rats, that some call “squirrels”, act like that unwelcome Uncle on Thanksgiving. Popping into strange places of the house. Waking everyone up during all hours of the day and night….And I don’t like spiders or scorpions… They just are horrible. So, I called Wes. He was right out as soon as he could get on my roof… He sealed up every part of my house and removed all critters. Placating my issues about aesthetics, he even painted my new “Unwanted Family” blockers (my words) to match the trim of my dormers and house. He also sealed my crawl space…Thanks Wes and HomeFree for everything. You’re simply the best.”
-Jessica A.
“Brad is very knowledgeable about wildlife and pest issues, and definitely takes pride in providing great customer service and great quality work, definitely recommend!”
-Stephen J.S.

“I’m such a fan of homeFree Wildlife Solutions. So knowledgeable and knows how to get the job done right.”

-Joseph K. 

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“Rats. Brrrrr. I was so grossed out to know I had them. After getting quotes from several companies and prices from the absurd $23,000 down to a semi-manageable $7,000, I ultimately picked HomeFree. Why? Because Brad didnt try to scare me, push me or snow me. He was honest, transparent and the kind of person I want to do business with…He also did a phenomenal job…. I am so grateful for having found Brad. He made an unpleasant situation bearable and even a pleasant experience. HomeFree is fantastic!”

-Cydney D.

“Brad/ HomeFree was honest, hard-working, conscientious, careful, meticulous, and kind. He went above and beyond in every way. The squirrels we had in our attic are gone and our leaf guards on our gutters work perfectly. I highly highly recommend Homefree for any issues you may be having.”

-Jennifer G. 

“Very pleased with HomeFree and owner Brad Peeler. I had serious rodent issues that were not well addressed by another service and Brad’s inspection and explanation were key in confronting that servicer. I was able to obtain a full refund and apology, and engaged Brad to correct my situation as it should have been done originally. He is thorough, reasonably priced and informative. Easy to work with and will be my provider going forward. Way to go, Brad!”

-Sharon S. 

“I’m so happy that I chose HomeFree pest control to take care of my growing mouse population.
He not only is giving us on-going EXCELLENT maintenance services for our issue, he’s extremely knowledgeable so that he is not harming any of my precious chipmunks or squirrels that I feed in my yard everyday…I highly recommend them. He is Courteous, accurate, respectful, friendly and a pleasure to work with at our home.”

-Aurea M.

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