What Makes HomeFree Different

HomeFree Wildlife and Pest Solutions is here to protect families, homes, and businesses. Since we are privately owned and operated, we are not stuck with corporate pricing. We provide high end “custom” service at “wholesale warehouse” prices.  At HomeFree, we don’t operate with a “one size fits all” or mass-production mentality.  Nor do we use high-pressure sales tactics. You won’t deal with stressed-out employees who try to oversell you just to hit a monthly quota.

Whether the problems exist at your home or your business, we understand that it’s personal. And because it is personal, we will always tailor-fit to your needs. 

Our primary goal at HomeFree is to protect you and your property against unruly pest and wildlife invaders.  

We believe communication is key.  When we come out to do a free inspection, we check everything.  Ensuring we know any and all entry points for the nuisance pest and wildlife coming into your home.  We will walk you through everything we find, then create a plan to rid your home/business of these pests.  When we offer a quote you are under no obligation to hire us to complete your service. However, we will make sure you are well informed and have all your questions fully addressed. 

Getting a request to professionally manage a customer’s wildlife and pest issues is a privilege. It requires an individualized and site-specific approach.  Experience the difference and see the savings that HomeFree Wildlife and Pest Solutions has to offer!

Thank you for visiting our website today! We appreciate you taking the time to read a little bit about us. 

To contact us click here or give us a call at 470-422-2210! 

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