Quick Facts

Bats are one of nature‚Äôs most beneficial creatures. Due to this, they have been justifiably protected thanks to the tonnage of insects, especially mosquitoes, they consume annually. Conversely, bats are carriers of many diseases that are responsible for respiratory ailments, viral infections, and fungal infections.  In addition, they cause millions of dollars in property damage each year by defacing buildings and structures with their droppings. Bat droppings or guano, can eat through metal, paint, fabric, and other substantial materials. As guano accumulates, it becomes a food source for millions of cockroaches and other insects.  Definitely something you do not want anywhere near your home or business.

What if Bats Invade My Property?

If bats are allowed to exist unchecked, the colony will continue to grow and grow each year.  As more time and more bats accumulate, so does a unique and unpleasant odor. The odor is due to the buildup of feces and urine in wall voids, attic spaces, etc. This buildup can eventually leach through into the human-occupied spaces creating serious health hazards. Guano buildup often harbors the spores that lead to Histoplasmosis, which is a serious respiratory disease that can cause lung scarring. If untreated, it is also potentially fatal. 

It has been documented that humans have contracted as many as sixty diseases from bats. Included on this list are ebola and rabies. A buildup of bats also increases the chances of them finding their way inside the structure. Being exposed to bats themselves is what can lead to the other potential threat of rabies. They are one of the primary vector species for the rabies virus. Contact with a live bat may require preventative treatment for rabies since if contracted, it is fatal. 


It is never safe to have bats in your home or business and can be extremely dangerous to try and rid your space of them yourself. If you are concerned that your home or business has a bat problem contact us for your free inspection.

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