The most common issue one will experience with a skunk is digging. Skunks often dig for grubs leaving holes on your property’s lawn. Skunk problems are not very common in North Georgia or Metro Atlanta. The time of year you are most likely to see activity is spring and fall.

Skunks are relatively small in size, weighing from 2-11 lbs roughly. They are comparable in size to your housecat. Male skunks are larger ranging from 3-11 lbs and females are smaller weighing roughly 2-6 lbs.

Skunks like to dig and will dig den and stay below ground level if possible.

They are nocturnal animals. Most active at night and sometimes early morning.

Skunks are omnivores, eating equal parts insects, animals and plants. However, insects are their preferred food source. Their general diet consists of mice, eggs, birds, and berries.

You do need to be cautious if you feel you have a skunk problem as they do carry rabies. Be sure to call a professional to assist you with trapping and removing the animal.

If you think you are experiencing a skunk problem contact us!

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